Aeropace Mountain Adventure Transparent

  • Brand: Aeropace
  • Cat No: AP100010
Price: 46,50 лв. 24,00 лв.
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Transparent base with black graphics

The set includes:

Top tube protection sticker: 125 х 350 mm

Down tube protectin sticker: 70 х 350 mm

Two badges: 55 х 64 mm


Please install on dry and clean bike frames to avoid bubbles.



Aeropace protection stickers are manufactured from high quality PVC sheets and have the following characteristics: 

  • Total thickness: between  200 and 250 microns, depending on model
  • Laminated surface layer
  • Water resistant, self extinquishing, UV-resistant.
  • Provide limited protection against diluted acids and hydroxide solutions, salt, grease, fuels and mechanical surface damage.
  • Estimated ellongation to break under ISO 22088-3:2006 over 25 MPa

 Suitable for all bicycle frame types (adjustment through cutting might be required)



Please install on clean, dry and degreased surfaces. No previous experience is necessary, with the Exception of FrameShield series.

Please remove the rear paper film and press the sticker to the frame, starting from the central part outwars. the stickers can be cut at your convenience before starting the installation to achieve optimal fit. 

The removal is done by hand and does not require special materials or experience. In case of difficul removal from the frame six or more months after the installation, please use a source of warm air for optimal results. 

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