Aeropace MyFrame

  • Brand: Аеропейс
Price: 840,00 лв.
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Aeropace MyFrame is an individual soltion for bicycle design allowing you to choose graphics and color, which really set you apart! We are at your disposal to convert your bike into  a work of art!

You can choose between pre-designed solutions or to have one designed especially for you!

To pretect your frame from the elements, we are going to install  Aeropace FrameShield 244 on top.


The price includes:

  • individual or pre-designed graphical project for the bike - frame, crank arms, fork;
  • Aeropace FrameShield, 244 µm; 
  • light reflective accents - up to 10 positions;
  • carbon effect embossed accents (if required);
  • customer name and country flag;
  • installation and sealing of the frame.


FrameShield is a single layer transparent protection cover, created specifically to protect over 90% of the surface of the bycicle frame (front and rear triangles are covered on the places where there is no rubberized or other factory protection) from damage, caused by scratches, light hits, mud, salt, water and light acid or hydrixide solutions.


It is manufactured from a durable polyurethane gloss wrap XPEL Ultimate Plus 10 (thickness of 244µm), which has seld-healing qualities when exposed to direct sunlight or when heated and does not require a special maintenance.


The light reflective and carbon accents and the design base layer are manufactured from diffenret mataerials and do not have self-healing properties.


Delivery  time:

Up to 14 days after measurment of the specific frame from our specialists in Sofia and agreeing on the design chosen by the customer. 

The product is compatible with all types of frames, manufactured from alloy, steel, composites or titanium,

The techinical specification of XPEL Ultimate Plus 10 can be found in the appended file.