Frequently asked questions F.A.Q.

What is the protection stickers expected lifetime?

Between three and five years in absence of mechanical breach during the exploitation or resulting from bad installation.

What is the thickness and weight of the stickers?

0,5 mm thickness and 36 gr weight for the set, consisting of positions 1,2,6

How should the stickers be installed on the frame?

The frame has to be clean, degreased and dry in order to prevent formation of bubbles. Remove the rear part of the sticker and press inside out from the center.

Can I use part of the stickers instead of the whole sticker?

Yes, in order to do so, please cut following the dotted lines or in  a freeform shape.

How do I install the stickers on cone surfaces or such which include curves, like the lower part of the down tube close to the bottom bracket?

This is possible in certain cases, but the sticker has to be heated with hot air during the installation. The stickers are mostly designed for installation on cyllindric or straight-line designed tubes.

If I make mistake during installation, can I remove the sticker and re-install it?

In certain cases, it is possible, but is not recommended. We can not guarantee the possibility of reinstallation of a sticker which has already been uninstalled.

Are there any traces left on the paint when the stickers are removed from the frame?

No. When the stickers are uninstalled after a prolonged period on the bike, the easiest way to do it is by heating them at low temperature (with a hairdryer).

Can I install the stickers on a bike with external cabling?

Yes, but it is possible to have to cut the length of the separate elements from the sticker for a proper installation.

In case you find the answers listed above not helpful, please do not hesitate to contact us.